Does the replay section eat up storage?

I was just wondering whether the replay section you’d up much iPhone/iPad storage and if all of it is worth deleting?

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Thanks it’s Just that I saw infinite flight uses up about 8.5gb

Yeh that’s IF anyway without anything added on 😂 it’s a pretty beefy app

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Btw I’m from Ireland aswell, I’m assuming you are?

Ye stepaside dublin

I’m midlands, Laois, was born in Dublin though, lived in Clondalkin

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Currently abroad

Nice, on holiday?

Let’s not get this off topic gents 🙂


Alright sorry

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Cape Town South Africa travelled out with Ethiopian Airlines

You guys can talk in a PM as said above.

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Nice 😱 love Ethiopian

Alright no bother will do

To rephrase they take up space until deleted plus Infinite Flight is a big app so I would delete some replays you don’t need.


Thank I will take your advice

Mine uses up 12.7GB purely from the game and serious long haul flights half on expert.

I thought 8.5 wasn’t bad

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It takes up storage on your Device.
I deleted much patterns and things like that and I got much more storage to Time Lapse videos on my channel.

Lol… I have around 420 hours with full on traffic of replays. All my flights that are a couple of mins or a play around in casual are deleted…