Does the plane keep flying in live if I leave the app

If I’m mid flight using NAV in Live, if I leave the app does the plane keep flying and following waypoints? Thanks!

No, the screen must be on and IF must stay open and displayed.


In addition, leaving the app can cause connection issues with ATC which could lead to you getting ghosted.

Can you get ghosted on casual

Not on TS and casual :)

On TS and expert, do you have to speak to ATC at cruse

Not really at cruise, but when taking off or approaching an active airspace where atc is controlling then yes, you will need to listen to them.

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If you do leave your device, i would recommend you flying over oceans or over parts of land which atc rarely control. Also, infinite flight must be open with your screen on.

Most ATC shouldn’t contact you at cruise as you are out of their airspace.

Normally not. You could get contacted by ATC on the Training Server probably which wouldn’t be correct, but not on Expert Server.

Just checked again: Approach (ATC) airspace is below 18000 feet around the airports (couldn’t find the picture which explains it better).


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