Does the new 737 get thrown about in the wind more?

After doing the first few flights with the new 737 i have noticed it gets thrown about more in the wind. My landings have got much worse because i’m getting thrown off course and resort to slamming it to the ground and sometimes get really close to doing a go around.
Have you noticed this?

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I’m judging this by the fact that i used to be able to land fine with a 12kt crosswind Not difficult but you know and now a 9kt headwind is almost a challenge.

Landed fine into an 8kn crosswind earlier, now really any difference that I noticed

when I saw this post I went to do some tests with B737 on the solo fly with more than 16 kt of wind and I managed to land very well, maybe it’s the ability I have to do it.
in fact since the new update I have just flown with B737, and so far I have no complaint!


My landings are so smooth now since the update. Now similar to 320 when landing which I’m very used to.


Flying from Philadelphia to Phoenix and for the last hour and a half my plane has been getting thrown all over the place,My poor passengers

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I think it got more realistic when we landed

I know that it just feels like at some point the planes gonna jerk so violently that it disconnects the autopilot

if you have crossed the wind that’s what you expect, is not it?

There may be some confusion as today’s event features flying over the U.S in a 737. Winds are drafty across the U.S, getting up to 190kts at FL340 in certain areas! This obviously means that turbulence will be way higher than usual and will cause your plane to be thrown around more.

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for sure👍👍👍

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They added ground effect so landings just probably feel a little different.

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Maybe the wingflex makes it seem like the plane is getting “thrown” into the wind

Don’t forget wind is going to affect your landings more now due to the ground effect element. A crosswind will require slightly more speed on the flare due to the lost headwind component. A headwind will likely have the opposite effect. You’ll get used to it soon :)

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What is the ‘ground effect’?

In a simple way of explaining it’s the effect of when the plane gets close to the ground an slight lift force occurs meaning you won’t slam into the ground as easy. This means the 737 is now more realistic and easier to land.

Wow. That’s great. Thanks for explaining

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I’ve been flying the 738 on a delivery flight since last night from KBFI to FAOR and I haven’t had any issues. I’ve also done some training flight since the update and managed to adjust to it rather quickly. Flying the 737 is now easier for me.


I think it’s much easier to fly now. I done KJFK to EGLL last night & there was 90kts wind but it ploughed through it really well :)

Nope. In the contrary, I find it to be very stable to fly and crosswinds are much more fun with it now.