Does the Infinite Flight C172 simulate propellor torque?

Hello IFC!

I was flying the C172 in IF, and I was wondering if it had the “turning-left-effect” due to the propellor torque simulated. I hadn’t noticed it, but I have a natural response of applying a little right rudder when taking off in the C172, so I may have just corrected for it.


You have a reflex? With your foot onto your finger haha? 😂

My instructors always taught me to look outside the window and go from there! ✈️

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Yeah I used the wrong word lol.

I thought I had heard smth about it being simulated in IF, but I want to make sure lol

Infinite Flight doesn’t support Pfactor yet - it’s a tough one. We do have prop wash on the xCub down stream of the propeller, however. If you’re looking for more right rudder!!! (something my CFI yells at me about), you won’t find it yet.


Thanks for the quick response. This will probably save me from putting right rudder and then sliding off the runway the other direction lol.

Clear to close!


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