Does the ILS or GPS selection in the cockpit or HUD mean anything if there is only NAV?

I noticed ILS and gps options are there when the plane only has NAV. So what happens when I’m in an aircraft that doesn’t have APPR? Do I just select one of them, and then remove NAV? Or do I keep NAV selected and then pick the runway?

I’m confused m8.

Are you saying when you turn on NAV, only ILS and GPS localizer and glideslopes show up?

I am too…

This is in replay so it doesn’t show the NAV, speed and altitude and what not. But what do these options mean if my plane doesn’t have APPR? Do they work for all planes regardless? and how do I select it and make sure it’s working? Would I remove NAV and then select the runway of either gps of ILS? Or keep NAV selected?

APPR is not available on some aircraft. So you can’t use it.

This means having to manually fly to the runway using the localizer and the glideslope or using AP most of the way down.

Each options represents the runway’s type of approach. Say GPS 8R PHNL; it’s a GPS approach, which the instrument do not take terrain into account. ILS 8L PHNL does, since it’s an ILS approach.

NAV has absolutely nothing to do with affecting your approach.

Summary: ILS and GPS guide you to the runway.


I know. I said my aircraft doesn’t have APPR. So I didn’t know if this was useless. So do you have to have APPR in order for either GPS or ILS to be selected and function normally?


You don’t.
Sometimes the desired landing runway is auto-selected.

You can still use ILS/GPS to align yourself with the localizer. You just don’t have any instruments or autopilot that can do this (i.e. you will have to land the plane manually, without APPR).

In the eyes of APPR, ILS and GPS function the same in Infinite Flight. It will align you with the runway and ride the slope down as long as you capture it correctly and are within the normal operating conditions. Not speeding, etc.

The GPS is a set slope without consideration for obstacles while the ILS is designed to be free from them.

If you only have NAV available the plane will not automatically descend or automatically line you up with the runway. It is more of a selection for you to choose the runway and then use the HUD to align yourself.

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Selecting the runway has nothing to do with NAV, but, yes, of course it matters which you select. If you are going to follow the glide slope and the localizer, it helps immensely to be following the correct ones.

For example, if you selected 08L here, while on final for 08R, you aren’t going to be able to use the HUD to land.

(Except purely eyeballing it, but I would suggest learning to do it with the instruments instead of skipping that step for planes without APPR.)

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