Does the IFVARB supply VAs with a website domain?

Does the IFVARB supply the VAs with their own Website Domain if they are approved?

I wouldn’t think so, but I see that every VA has their own Domain so I was just wondering.

No, they don’t. It is the VA’s responsibility to have a website.


Is there a way that VAs can make money to pay for their own domain?

VA’s/VO’s are a non-profit organization, meaning that there is no money involved. If the CEO decides to pay for a domain this their own money, they can.

It also seems that you are making a lot of separate topics about VA/VO questions. If you want, PM me and I will try to answer your questions. I’m also in the process of making a VO but am a bit further in so I know how to start.


To add what @Infinite_Flight_Sims said above, you can also directly ask to the IFVARB in this topic:

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Hi there,

All questions should be directed to the questions thread linked above so you can get the most accurate answers from IFVARB admins and members. Getting information from any other non IFVARB sources could be false and may not do you any good.

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