Does The Global Update Use Orthophotos?

Does The Global Update Use Orthophotos?

Google: An orthophoto is an aerial photograph that has been geometrically corrected or ‘ortho-rectified’ such that the scale of the photograph is uniform and utilised in the same manner as a map. An ortho-photograph can be used to measure true distances of features within the photograph.

If you are not sure what Orthophotos are, they are satellite images that can be put into different things, (Such as flight simulators) Orthophotos can be used in replacement of repeated terrain textures in open world simulators. Also used in X-Plane, P3D and MSFSX, they are made to enhance the scenery and look realistic. I know that FDS uses some airports that come form Plane Maker by X-Plane. But are they using Orthophots to enhance the scenery or something else. No doubt about it is a very difficult task, you have to get the terrain matched up with the textures, Orthophotos are VERY high quality satellite images, similar form what you get from google maps! It would make sense that It takes forever making the Global Update, It requires a lot of PC power and a lot of time to render. And even if they are placing the Orthophotos by hand, (each Orthophoto USUALLY comes in a 30 by 30 mile radius) it takes some real dedication to make that happen. So be patent, it will be worth it in the end!

I have render myself some Orthophotos in X-Plane, I only render at zoom level 17, and goes up to 20!

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I don’t think a poll will help as 99% of this community won’t know. The 1% who do (devs ) likely won’t say


You’ll know the results of terrain when global comes out. There’s no need to ask now.

All airports are from the x-plane database, and currently over 1,700 have been edited using WED (world editor, not plane maker).

When editing we use orthophotos to create the airport but it isn’t imported into IF

Not sure what you mean?

Orhtophoto doesn’t in anyway represent a high quality, simply the warp caused by non-vertical viewing of protruding objects has been accounted for by overlaying multiple images. Don’t think it would help global much

this is based off my knowledge and US geographical survey site,may be wrong


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