Does the community put IF under pressure?

Let me start with an exampel: The floating gear issue.I looked up the recent posts, some of them are from 2016 and now it is 2019…end of 2019. This issue is still present and the only solution so far has been: The developers are aware of it. I find this a not acceptable solution anymore 3 years after the first questions about this issue raised. It also has nothing to do with weight and balance and also nothing to do with the older or newer models. For example the 757 nose gear doesn’t float while the 787’s gear does float. Attached a few pictures. I would like to know if the developers will fix this issue and adjust the contact points or just leave it like this? I am asking this as i have the feeling that the pressure of the community to develop new aircraft or other features, often requested with the words “i want”, leads to a lot of open items that will or have not been fixed…the landing gear is just one of these items.


For the record they aren’t being pressured since there are multiple devs working on different aspect of the simulator including issues/bugs. There are probably greater things they need to prioritize on first since they can actually affect your in game experience.

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I’m sorry to hear that the developers have not been meeting your specific expectations. They will try harder to please you in the future.

In all reality, yes, it is an issue. However it is not a game breaking issue, nor is it even that noticeable. I had to double check that image to see if it was actually floating.

The developers do listen to, and take into account any feedback the community provides, even if it seems as if it gets ignored. However they also have priorities to get other aspects of the simulator working and developed for a better user experience. This isn’t something that directly affects the user experience.


Nobody has to feel sorry for me as they overall do meet my in game expectations. Otherwise i would not pay for it.

The floating nose landing gear is, as i mentioned before, just one example, but i thought a good example of an issue that has been not solved for nearly 4 years.

The Dreamliner came way after the 757, an aircraft that doesn’t float, and the 717,767 which clearly float. The problem was, according the “ problem solved” answers of the several topics, known to the developers. How could it happen that this issue was again present on the 787? Or on the MD-11? Thats why i have the feeling that new airplanes have to be released as soon as possible so that the community and users stay with IF. And then things like adjusting contact points have been - just forgotten?

Again, it is just one example.


The real pressure will not come from IFC

Haha get ready to get an answer which is including: “oh there is nothing to do because its training server.”


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