Does the A340-500 really need 4 engines?


At Abu Dhabi Airport, I’ve seen some Etihad A340-500, and there where not as long as the A340-600, so why do they have 4 engines and not just two? Do they really need FOUR engines?


The A340 is used for long range. 4 engine is to support it. The ex-world longest route relyes on it

If it’s 2 engine why don’t you buy an A330

Is there a big different between the length of the A330 and the A340-500?

A340-500 is longer than the A330

Yeah, but is it that longer? Or just from a few meters?

63.9 M vs 67.9M

4 meter difference

But the Boeing 777-200LR is bigger and better and it has 2 engines and is more efricient

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Yeah so why did Airbus created an aircraft juste 4 meters longer than the A330?

Range difference

A330 is mainly used for mid-haul
A340 is used to support long haul


777-200LR has better engines than the A340. That’s why 2 is enough

The A340 was indeed thought to have a similar capacity than the A330 but it should carry a higher payload over a longer range than the A330.


77L has one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful variant of the GE90-That’s why

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The aircraft was designed as with 4 engined in mind so jt would cost $ to engineer one with 2 engines

In order to fly fast and far with lots of fuel, you need the extra power two engines gets you.

The original plan was to have the A340 be the flagship long haul aircraft be the A340 and A330 be relegated to shorter routes. However when Boeing launched the 777, airlines saw two engines was the way to go so Airbus decided to change course and make A330 the long haul flagship

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A340 stopped production in 2011 becuase of higher fuel consumption than the 777

GEnx is more powerful or GE90?

Not aure if the GE90 is the most powerful anymore (I’m an avgeek not an enginegeek) but it was once the most powerful at one point

I think GEnx beats it but I’m not 100% sure

Checked wikipedia and it says GE90 holds the world record )GE90-115B)

Nice, GE90’s voice is better. Like the roar