Does the A330?

Does the A330 has a problem of altitude??
Some times whend I’m on half way of my flight I can’t go to FL400 and I keeps more than 90% of throttle

Check here for the A330’s recommended flight profiles.

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Than you I will read that

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The physics of the A330 are very outdated so most likely the problems you’re experiencing are a result of that. Check that you’re not too heavy at a high altitude and using the appropriate trim.

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Thanks for the information

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The A330 was softly reworked last year, that included the flight physics, so I doubt it’s that.

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Also 40,000 is high especially if you have a lot of fuel, cargo, or passengers.

I know that but I always wait until he burns more fuel. Whend it’s almost at 5 hours flight from the destination

What was your climb rate, and load?

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More than half way

My climb rate it’s always 1.400 1. 700

Load 100 passengers 1.000KG of cargo and 16h of fuel

Ok the 16 hours of fuel is most likely the problem. Climbing to FL400 at 16 hours worth of fuel is too much. Maybe cruise at FL320 or 340

That’s whend I start my flight

That’s why I wait to the airplane burns more fuel but it’s hard I only go to FL380 to be more safe of not stall even whend its like 5 hours of fuel

Can you send screenshots of your climb that include load and climb rate.

But thank you all for the information I hope I gets better whend he WI be reworked

I will whend I will fly again sir

No need. I think this is a one time issue, unless your aircraft was too heavy. Make sure to review this guide to step climbing before flying again, so this doesn’t happen again.

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Thanks alot you all