Does the A/P disconnect acts as a calibration?

Everything is in the question.

I noticed it does actually calibrates my device and I want to know if it’s an intentional change. I greatly appreciate this (feature?)


You are referring to the actual AP On/Off button correct?

Do you see something that gives you the indication that a calibration occurs? Maybe you trimmed properly?

Yes, the actual AP button
I’ll try to make a GIF


I have my answer, it doesn’t seem to be a feature
It only does it in peculiar situations I cannot isolate

It’s really hard to show

In 20 tries it did it only once

I pulled up as hard as possible - calibrated - entered a nose dive - pulled up - engaged and disengaged AP

Sorry for the late answer, my device was low on battery

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We checked with the devs and calibration does not occur when turning off AP.


Thank you for taking the time to ask

It’s probably miss judgement from me. If it ever happens again (because it* does every once in a while) I will come back to you.

*By that I mean being unable to recalibrate using the dedicated button and having to setting the AP on and off

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