Does the 777F have the same range as the 777-200LR?

Quick call to the nerds, I am trying to plan a flight and I am un sure if there is a diffrance between tge two since I can only find info for for the -200LR…

(If someone know the range of the F would be much appriciated)

No, no it does not. I think the 77LR can go farther by a couple hours.



Check this out
(Scroll towards the bottom)

Hope that helps ;)

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Thanks very much you two!

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I gave you two pictures for reference

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Specifications for both the 777F & 200LR.

777-200LR: 9,380NM Range | 766,000lb MTOW | 492,000lb MLW

777F: 4,900NM Range | 766,800lb MTOW | 575,000lb MLW.

They don’t have the same range, but they do serve their purposes well.

Here is the source:

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Hum, that’s a bigger drop than I thought…

Kind of made sense how Boeing traded range for MTOW, and MLW.

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No, it definitely makes sense, but I was just surprised at how different they really were…

In IF the 777F has a longer range than the 77L. The estimated fuel burn in the weight screen gives estimates but the 77L can get around 21 hours while the 77F can get up to 23.

That’s unrealistic lol

Whilst the delivery time is important to the customer your average freight palette doesn’t really care how many fuelling stops or where it makes them on it’s journey!

Hence it’s better to have shorter runway requirements, shorter hops and a heavier load capability in a freighter.

Te jet will get anywhere on the planet in 24 hours with a good support network!


Fun fact it isnt. The 77F has a longer range than the 77L with standard tanks fitted when both aircraft without anything loaded but fuel.


look at page 41 and 43

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