Does the 757 look off to you?


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Does any body think the 757 looks odd or off to you on info we flight


Does any body think the 757 looks off or odd to you
Comment what you think

You and I think it looks odd because of the nose shape. Personally, I think it looks like a duck.


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It might not be perfectly modelled in infinite flight as it is quite an old aircraft!


Cockpit area looks a bit off to me I must admit, but like @JDE1303 says it’s probably because it’s an old model.

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I have always thought the same thing but then again I haven’t seen a B757 up close to compare the actual shape

If we’re playing spot the difference, the red triangle is on the wrong side of ‘Delta’.

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It looks awesome! The 757 is magnificent.


It’s not, it’s meant to be in the left hand side of the Delta name in bribe sides of the aircraft :)

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Yes, it looks slightly different in IF than IRL

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In IF it looks kinda silly but irl it look amazing

I personally think that the nose (right under the cockpit area) it looks like it dips down a bit

They look pretty close, if not exact.

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The infinite flight plane has Rolls Royce engines, Real plane does not.
Infinite plane has winglets, Real one does not.

With sunglasses!

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I was comparing the pictures he gave. geezus

The real life one is new, I didn´t see it before.

I think the IF model is pretty good representive of the real life one…

personally I always think the B757 looks a bit like a stick insect or a Size Zero B767… nice to fly though

Of course it’s slightly off. It is an old flight model and could do with an update.

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