Does temperature matter for V speed takoff

On Infinite Flight does OAT play a role in performance?

Yes. Temperature and altitude will both increase the “density altitude”.

As altitude and temperature increases:

  • Engine performance will decrease
  • The wings will generate less lift

And because of these two things:

  • The aircraft will accelerate slower
  • A higher takeoff speed is required
  • Aircraft climb performance will be worse

This is why there is a general pattern in runway length. Major airports at high altitudes or in climates with hot temperatures will have longer runways than those in more favorable conditions. A perfect example of this is Denver International (KDEN), which is at 5,430 feet and boasts the longest commercial runway in North America.


Cool. Just wanted to check and see if Infinite Flight had density altitude, I use a density calculator on my flight computer.

Ah! I can’t say I have used a flight computer in Infinite Flight. However after flying into Addis Ababa (7,726 feet) and Cairo (37°C) in Infinite Flight today, I can confirm density altitude is definitely simulated.

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Yes it is. Airspeed takes care of altitude. It comes from the method of measurement (pressure difference). The plane flies faster in altitude than near the ground at the same displayed air speed. You take off faster at Mexico than at New-York, same with landing

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Interesting read I didn’t know this, thanks for the question and for the answers

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