Does Someone Know The place Saumur In France (LFOD)

I made my first airport. the airport of saumur. does someone live in saumur or know the airport? I would love to fly with him at the airport.
Also a question. is someone going to fly to this airport?

the airport will be released in the next senery update. In March


I might fly there if I knew the ICAO 😉

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look at the Titel

Thank you I’ll look now at the airport

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the airport is not in IF now it wil be released in the next senery update

I love flying GA in France, although I don’t live in France I’m French and usually fly in France (IF). I’ll check the airport out when it comes out!


Currently love fly at in europe ,okay I’II try it :)

What proof do you have of this? This is just pure speculation…

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No, that is just how airport editing works, we push out a new scenery update every month.


@Aceorbit thank you!

the airport is now in IF im going to do some patterns who wnats to join? (Expert Server)

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Never flown there, I will take a look later 👍

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Engine running, slowly making my way there :)


REALY NICE!!! Did you know the airport befor?

No I didn’t… But now I know

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