Does Ryanair Never Butter It? @ EGKK - Solo

➽ Background to the video: I was a little bit saddened about some reactions on my previous topic when I landed a Ryanair 737 with -1150fpm. So I asked myself: why not try a better landing and give the story a better ending? Special mentions to @EvannL, @DanG387, @Alan_Scott and @Igor_M, they’re the ones who supported Ryanair in my previous topic (see Ryanair Should Hire Me... @ EGPH - Expert Server - #9 by anon67724595) and they’re the ones I made this one for!

➽ Detailed flight information including servers, time, route: This was a simple landing at EGKK on the solo server that I did today. The video contains my first and only attempt of landing with -90fpm on touchdown.

➽ Video:


BREAKING NEWS: For the first time in history RYANAIR has buttered the landing!!

wait that’s illegal


Ryanair: Okay you’re fired for smooth landings


Wow great video!

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Thanks very much!

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Ah RIP. Haven’t worked there for long then! XD

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they will never butter. Moral of the story.