Does RNAV work with APPR?

Does approach mode work with an RNAV approach procedure at an airport without ILS?

If a Runway doesn‘t have the ILS System you can‘t use the APPR MODE.

In my understanding an RNAV Approach aligns you with the Runway and via the VNAV you get quite close to the Runway so that you can land manually.


RNAV will not work with APPR. To fly a RNAV approach, you’ll need to make sure you have LNAV enabled and VNAV as well. It would also be important to make sure you have the necessary altitudes in the approach segment of your flight.

TIP: If no altitude exists at the waypoint on the runway threshold, set in an altitude 10-20ft higher than field elevation and VNAV will take you down to the runway. 🙂


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