Does Restarting stop the lag on IPAD?

Hey Community, Recently I’ve been experiencing some lag on My Ipad Pro, Like when I do a 2h+ flight. Is it because I never restart my Ipad prior to a flight? Like especially yesterday at EGLL I could Barely land because it lagged like every second, when there was like 20-40 planes on ground

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It would be interesting to know what kind of iPad Pro you use.
From my personal experience I know that connecting your iPad to a charger with enough power helps to reduce the lag, so does lowering the screen brightness. Maybe remove the case to achieve a better heat flow. Last but not least: even though it’s kind of annoying to do that on an iPad Pro, lower the graphic settings.

Regarding the restart: that would reset the ram, but iPad OS is very optimized to do that itself without restarting. Resetting the scenery cache in IF‘s Settings is the better option.

Hope I could help,
Greetings, Mats

Edit: my device is a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 256gb

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Hi !
For my Ipad Pro it helps as first aid to close the screen and open the Ipad again resuming the flight as soon as possible.

I almost crashed at LIRF during take off due heavy lag few minutes ago and almost got an speed violation due I got off runway… I forgot to shut the screen before taking off. :(

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Hey! I have an Ipad pro 11" 2020!
Thanks for these tips. I’m gonna try them out. Especially the scenery cache!

Thanks! I appreciate this!

You‘re welcome! :)
Let me know if it helps.

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Sure thing! Just finished my long haul so I’ll check it soon

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Mine does that at busy airports. I have started closing everything and restarting every day to try to clear the cache. I would say that one time clearing the cache as someone said before helps to include brightness and good connection.

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Yup, my App crashed today first time ever at KSFO, earlier the lag settled after some time.
I turned all graphics on lowest… but simply my Ipad Pro couldn’t keep up with in heavy traffic.

I am getting a faster internet in couple of weeks, I hope that helps, if the lag would be connection related.

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Due to expert server blowing up right now for the 10 year birthday, I suppose it is happening to a handful of people 😁


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