Does reporting another aircraft do anything?

On the training server, there is commonly some people that will either be flying an a380 50 miles to a regional airport or as I just witnessed, an a321 pushing back into a terminal and then a ramp. I always report these people because they make infinite flight not fun or remotely realistic. I was wondering if a certain amount of people had to report 1 player for them to ghosted.

No nothing will happen, only supervisors and a few others can use the button.

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Player reports no longer work, the report button is futile. If you’re upset with the quality of pilots on training, try Expert where people are slightly more attentive 😊


I always use expert when I have the chance, I have seen people do inappropriate behavior on it but not nearly as much👍🏻

Slightly. Just another problem IF has, having access to “Expert” doesn’t make you by any mean an expert. As I have always said there should be a server above expert that requires a written test and application, for only the hardcore avgeeks.

The report feature was disabled a few years back due to abuse.

If you see this on expert, you could message a moderator with a screenshot/video of what the person is doing so they can address the person.

On the training there is really nothing you can do to stop the foolishness, hence “training server” But if your on Expert server, do what @Darius_Glover mentioned above👆🏼!

As an FYI, you can report to mods, but would save it for something really egregious (racism, harassment, etc). They won’t retroactively ghost for the usual stuff.

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