Does oneplus 6T support INFINITE FLIGHT

I want to know because my new phone is gonna be that

Definitely! It’s one of the most powerful Android phones out there! :)


I know that topic but there is only oneplus 6 not 6T

Especially with those 10g of RAM you should be golden… (if you get that one)

In that case go with what @Starley said. If it’s one of the most powerful androids, I would assume it’s compatible. Also, once you get the new device, and can confirm that it work, you can comment on the thread posted above to have it added to the list ;)

To back up Diamond: They are almost identical when it comes to specs. Snapdragon 845 CPU and Adreno 630 GPU. RAM and storage won’t be a problem on both devices, they have more than enough. :)

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