Does not allow me to buy 1 month subscription on Ipad

It will not let me buy the 1 month subscription for Infinite Pro. But it will let me by the 6 month one and the year one. I have done everything on your support page and more. Please help me get it working. It is a Ipad 7th Generation IOS 13.4.1. The photo below is what keeps happening. It stays like that forever and does nothing but spin. I have been watching it on and off for an hour.

Hi @PrestigeFlyer and welcome to the community we are glad you are here. Let’s first start with you sending a screenshot so we can visually see the issue. Next since you have an apple device head on over to SETTINGS->APP STORE->VIEW APPLE ID->SUBSCRIPTION-> and in there you might be able to re purchase it with ease

I have already done that and there was nothing there. Let me get a screen shot

Have you gone through the app?

Yes I have

Are you suede you have a stable internet connection? And have you tried restarting your device?

Yes, I have a fast and secure connection

Can you send the screenshot?

What do you mean by that

A screenshot of the purchase on Infinite flight not showing the $10 sub, don’t show personal information

I can do that

Where was that taken??

This is my first time trying to buy the subscription

Ok, how did you purchase it in the app?? Did you see a screen with 3 options??

I did what you said and that is what it said.

Yes I did. I hit continue where it ask you if you have already made an account or continue and I then hit 1 month and then I hit agree and continue on the terms and services and then it just says wait.

Did a gray tab at the bottom half of your screen pop up with details of the purchase?

What I said to do above was if you already did a subscription