Does NAV stop?

I was wondering what would happen when you reach your destination and you don’t turn off NAV or land, but keep going. When the flight plan is finished, does NAV just stop and you crash or do you keep flying in the same direction?

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You continue on the same heading from the last waypoint. So your plane continues as normal heading away from your destination and will carry on until it suffers from fuel exhaustion then it will start stalling and fall out of the sky and rack up roughly 6 violations. (Personal experience)


As well as altitude and speed if you keep the autopilot on apart from NAV. Make sure every autopilot-related button is on.


But your fuel continues to burn…


If you have a short turn at the end of the flight while being on high speed in cruise, NAV will also continuously try (and usually fail) to make that turn, resulting in you circling around the airport.


Yes! This creates some speciality art in the skies on your Map. Im like the Picasso of sky art.


I’ve inserted triple pentagons in my flight plan at times solely so the nav doesn’t keep on going…it must be classified as art, surely!


Thank you very much for the replies!


Its like stencilling in the sky, pretty awesome, since IF only tracks displacement from last position after a period of time. Looks like a fan made of squares.
I saw some guy doing that over WSSS (and also eventually running out of fuel and crashing :P)

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I had this when we had Geneva on IFATC a few weeks ago. I was flying from Abu Dhabi and I went swimming in the middle of the flight so i can get back to land. Unfortunately there was traffic which meant I missed TOD and when I got back, I was circling the airport at 38000ft and 530kts and I only had 27 minutes of fuel left. :/

I just quit the flight…

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I once saw this guy at EHAM who’d come from KORD doing about a billion loops at 39000ft

I mean seriously it looked ridiculous on LiveFlight

I’ve done it before you just keep going

You keep going. cough cough @AsternDestroyer cough cough

Yep! You just keep on going in the same direction… for an hour… till you land at Montreal until Toronto…

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