Does longer planes tend to look a bit more weird than the shorter planes?

Or is it just me?
Like the 773 looks kind of abnormal to me to be honest


Probably just you.


I thought so as well

honestly I feel like that for some shorts and some longs. The B773 is just weird to me but then again I look at a B737 and the Embraers in real life and in IF and they seem weird to me too.

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Yea i personally dont like the 773 :/
I feel like the 737-800 is ok but i dont really like the 737-700 and the 900

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We can’t be friends.


The 757-300 is the most abnormal plane to me. It’s a narrow body but it’s long like a wide body.


in real life, I think the 757 is beautiful but I honestly hate the way it looks in IF. The nose feels a little weird to me when you change the angle your looking at it from.

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Some of the larger planes in Infinite Flight can use a rework but, they still look pretty amazing for a simulation.

LOL we don’t have the 753 in the sim yet. The noses of the 757 family do look really weird though, like you said, it just depends on how you look at it.

I think the 773 looks a little odd, but the 77W is perfect.

I for some reason find the A346 odd then the 77W, but wait till the 777x comes out. Thats really gonna be awkward looking.

Honestly I’m not a fan of the 772. It was fine when it first came out, but then the 77W came. I just think this plane has much better proportions than the 772. But I do agree that the 757-300 looks odd. I’ve heard people refer to it as a “flying pencil”. And now every time I see one, I can’t help but think of a pencil.

I agree with you so much! That’s why I prefer the 787-8 to the -9 and -10, and the 777-200lr to the -300er, etc.

yea same!
except i think the 787-9 is aight
but the -10 and the 773 is way out of my league

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757 is odd to me I mean
Compare the belly and nose to realife 757 but in infinate flight it’s just so wrong :/

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