Does LFBO allow Boeing planes to land?

Hello there. I want to ask that do they accept Boeing to land/operate there? Thanks 😊

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Ryanair flies there


Toulouse? I would imagine so, unless you mean like BBJ (Boeing Business Jets) then probably not

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I mean, as far as I know, LFBO is owned and operated by the Office of Commerce and the Office of Transportation of Toulouse, so Airbus can’t really restrict what aircraft fly there. So you could most probably fly a BBJ there.


in other words: yes… you can.

Why would the airport care is my bigger question? They get money off landing fees and other services all the same, it increases commerce and such in the city/region, Boeing and Airbus have no fundamental operational differences from an airports perspective. Why on earth would they be banned?

If I’m honest these perceived wedges in aviation really irritate me, like Airbus and Boeing compete, sure, but as evidenced many, many times over they don’t hate each other, or try to chop each other off at the knees. At the end of the day both companies try to get as many people as many places as cheaply and efficiently as possible to increase their bottom dollar, stupid childish things like banning the competition’s planes from your home airport only works to undermine that.


To be honest, Airbus does sound like the manufacturer that would prohibit Boeing aircraft from landing at their Production Hubs.


No you can land with any plane type. The airport isn’t owned by airbus just like Paine field isn’t owned by Boeing. Boeing owns KBFI but they allow any plane to land as they see revenue in the landing fees.

Does Boeing Field allow Airbus / Bombardier planes to land (rhetorical question)?

Of course they do

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