Does KSAN use runway 27 for inbound flights

Hey guys I justw ondered if KSAN uses runway 27 for inbound flights because its hard for me to land ther ebecuase you have to dive down due to the terrain.
I thought KSAN only uses runway 9 for inbound flights no matter what

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So San Diego does use runway 27 for inbound flights. In infinite flight though the terrian behind runway 27 make you have to put the plane down into a dive. But Ive seen some videos of planes landing on runway 27 even though the giant hill is there. I will change the topic name back to the original one.

There is a reason why there’s a threshold on RWY27. I don’t know about you guys but i have no problems landing on Rwy 27. no dive needed if you approach the rwy correctly.


You don’t need to dive, if you have to dive then you aren’t doing the approach correctly.

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Please review the NOTAM!s & Plates for San 27… There is even a Published STAR… Max Sends.

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Why is every one saying they are diving. Diving down at KSAN try the KASE LOC/DME-E approach you have to drop at leased 2000 ft per minute to maintain and you still don’t have to dive it’s all in how you set up the plane. Here’s a link to that approach.

Correct. You don’t dive, you keep decending at the current rate your at because that piece of runway is where you can’t touchdown.

Me neither. I’ve actually been on a flight from my home airport LAS-SAN and I was on that approach.

You do not approach the side of the runway at KASA due to so many mountains right

Hard to land at 27?
Follow the glideslope, you won’t crash.

Where is KASA. At KASE you do

In real life there is a parking garage about 200 yards right smack in front of the runway. That’s one of the reasons why the extended threshold is there.