Does KLM even have 767s?

Does KLM even have 767s anymore?

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No they were phased out in 2007 after 12 years in the fleet


They used to operate them before.


They don’t anymore. Air France and Qantas (Of course when the 767 was developed in IF, Qantas still had them) have retired theirs, but we have those liveries. It’s cool to have some of those older liveries!

you could of looked it up on the internet, they dumped them

4 ex-Qantas ones currently serve with WestJet. Would be a perfect livery in the rework.

Agreed! I would love to see that livery on the 767!

No, the are replaced by A330 and B777.

Source Wikipedia. I used Google Translate.

Netherlands Edit
Martinair has seven Boeing 767-300ER’s in Her fleet dying Were deployed Flights appears to distant destinations and charter basis. KLM had 12 Boeing 767-300ER - Appliances (all lease form) in her fleet, replacing the Airbus A310. 767 Was deployed from 1995, mostly on Busy European destinations and distant scheduled flights. All 767 - Gears of KLM Are No longer in use: now they have been replaced door the Airbus A330 and Boeing 777. The last flight dying met a KLM 767-300ER Was Executed, landed at the airport on March 4, 2007. Air Holland had four Boeing 767-300’s in her fleet, and two Boeing 767-200 (leased from Britannia Airways). Holland Exel had three Boeing 767-300ER equipment, die Earlier door Air Holland Were Used in Its fleet; THIS trio was expanded with a fourth phone that was nonetheless accepted in 2005. ArkeFly Has the 767’s of Holland Exel acquired after bankruptcy. Anno 2015 Another Boeing die apparatus in use.


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