Does KDCA take 757s?

I’m saying there 757s only go to Dulles at least what I saw

Their 757-300s used to fly to DCA two-three times daily from San Francisco and Denver, then COVID happened, and they were downgraded to a 737-800, and when demand starts to increase, they will likely be upgraded back to the 757-300. Hope that clears things up.

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What are United 757 routes in to dca? Pre COVID

@Airnico_9962_on_YT refer to my post above

Ok yeah thanks sorry for the confusion

@ToasterStroodie you missed your opportunity. 😐

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TL;DR: There are only two 757 routes into DCA at the moment, both Delta.

LAX-DCA, SLC-DCA and vice versa. UA doesn’t fly their 757s into DCA anymore. Feel free to look up historic routes. :)

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