Does it still operate?

Hello IFC, i just have a quick question

I was looking at the shortest a380 route (because I care about realism) and I found Dubai-Kuwait City in a A380 But i keep on finding a 777W

So is it still in service?'s+shortest+a380+route

Do you have a Callsign?

I can’t find it

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Its EK 856, EK 857, Ek 858 there the ones that go from Dubai to Kuwait city and vice versa.

That’s the 777W

In the past Emirates used the A380 for events such as the kuwait National Day and occasionally use the A380 but they predominantly use the 777.

Ah ok Thanks @AirSerene and @Mags885 for the clarification


Well…Emirates did launch a flight from Dubai to Doha using a A380 (Flight time of 43 mins) in 2016. Sadly they have stopped doing that route, but feel free do it because they Did operate it.

Heres the video that they released about it:

@N492ED you really you can’t fly Dubai - Doha since Emirates are not allowed into Qatari airspace and Qatar are not allowed in UAE airspace.

Anyways @N319CL why can’t you keep one topic instead of making a lot of topics with “Shortest A380 flights” and “Shortest A330 flight”

It is possible to edit the text and title!

I’d say that’s what they use now:

Yes thanks y’all

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