Does it happen with you guys

So when I take off or land in my decent or climb I change altitude on my AP and I always have my device flat on the table but then sometimes I accidentally push the altitude and I disconnect it by accident and the plane pitches sharply down lucky I know how to recover but that always scares me when touching the Altitude😂😂😂😂😂


It can happen to me sometimes…

Has happened to me.

I made a poll about it here lol

72% of flyers claim they have done this.

28% are lying.


As I speak I just did it.

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Happens with me too. I even calibrate by iPad multiple times before I do it, but it always does the same thing. I wish it would just stay level until any input was made.

It needs calibrating and trimming!

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To answer the question: Yes, back when I was inexperienced

To avoid this: I recommend calibrating very frequently (once every minute), at least in the climb, decent, or landing phases, to ensure you are always calibrated. In addition, I recommend calibrating even if you move the slightest bit. This will give you a degree of movement freedom while also staying calibrated almost 99% of the time!

Seems like you are lying to 🤷‍♂️

Happens to me sometimes and I get so scared to touch the altitude button. Especially on a long haul, when you’ve just came all the way from the other side of the Pacific Ocean for example, just to screw up the entire flight. 🤣🤣 - Aka the worst feeling ever…

Yess. It’s kinda irritating but it happens.

Got me laughing hard😂😂

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I’m not saying that you haven’t experienced that, but you say that the 28% are lying.

I disagree with that, because i have never experienced that and I don’t think the 28% others are lying either. Therefore i “jokingly” said that

Get it? :)

Yes I do now. I thought you meant I was lying on me not doing this. All is good.

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very bold claim you make there. Are you psychic?

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