Does it fix game crash on if when doing factory reset

So hi after the procedures I done to resolve my issue and none of it works… I want to ask if does it fix game crash and my last option is Factory reset Soo… does it also remove your acc from infinite flight? If not then I’ll take the risk if yes welp…


A Factory reset does not remove your Infinite Flight account. After finishing the factory reset process, you may install Infinite Flight and log in with your account again (With the correct Apple or Google account). Be sure to back up all important data on your device first (This includes IF replays)

And yeah, if you have not been successful with other methods, a factory reset can help you fix any performance issues on your device and start as a new device.

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Thankyou for this information!

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Update: It didn’t worked… and my day is ruined even the factory reset could not save my app… what am I supposed to do…

Wait for the patch that will come out next year. Soon hopefully.

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