Does ipad mini 2 support the latest of IF?


Quick Question because I have an ipad mini two and planning to get pro on it. Does ipad mini 2 support the latest of IF?



That’s a pretty old ipad. It might work on it but don’t think you can’t be around alot of planes or it will crash. But I’ll still work, but not in the best settings!


The iPads can be found in this post:

That’s the information on the iPad Mini 2:


So I guess I shouldn’t get oh well.

OS *: iOS 12.4
Hardware : Apple A7, 1GB
Rendering Quality : Low
Rendering Resolution : Medium
Texture Quality : Low
Anti-aliasing : Off
Limit Frame Rate : On
GeekBench Scores : 1322 / 2332
Notes : Make sure all settings are as low as it goes. It runs IF very slow and crashes frequently. I would not recommend to use this for IF. Just like every other device that gets old, it’s not great to run IF.

Last Updated 8/5/19

I really wanted to get though will is support flights like YMML-YSCB

Well, you read what it said as well. If you already have it, why not try it out, but I wouldn’t buy one.

I suggest to wait till Boxing Day save money up some how and buy a better ipad so you do those flights without 1 issue!

But I need one now @ThomasThePro sorry about the rudeness.

Nah all good. Get a new generation ipad and you’ll be set. Around 450$ save money and you’ll get there in no time. Only with you really want IF and it’s on your buck list to buy pro.

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I have one, I had to delete everything off it so it’s just Slack and IF. With that I am able to run Medium settings in area with little to no traffic but as soon as there are upwards of 10 + aircraft that needs to be put to low. Also Long hauls are not a thing, Max. Flight time is probably about 5 to 6 hrs


Okay Cool thanks for tips. So DELETE everything. And What about if I put aircraft count to low will it lag with 10+ aircraft

I haven’t tested with that tbh, If you want I’ll give it a go and see if it works better. Also after a flight you need to get screenshots from a replay then get them off your iPad and delete the replay. I understand you want one now but in the long run your probably going to lose money. The device is struggling as is and with the new standard of reworked aircraft is coming the more stress on devices which means I too will have to give up my iPad and get a better one

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Is it good for now like three weeks of pro use?

So I have an iPad mini 2 and it sucks with IF, just playing solo lags even on the lowest settings, it crashes frequently and just is a horrible user experience. I wouldn’t recommend it.


It depends on where you plan to fly. I mean 3 weeks, it is still very possible to have a lot of Fun with IF just play around with the settings and watch were you fly.

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It’ll only be like 30 Minutes to 3 hour flights is that good or bad?

Yep that should be fine

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Okay thanks for all your help!


I have the iPad 6th gen (2018) it is on iOS 13 and if is really good. Only AUD400 or the 2019 one for 50$ more but only comes with 1gig extra ram and Smart Keyboard.

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