Does Infinite Flight work on a iPhone X?

Hi everyone I was thinking does IF work well on a IPhone X because I never use it on my phone only my tablet thanks everyone.

Yes it is very good! I use an iPhone X and everything runs extremely well even with maximum graphic settings on :)

Check out this thread for anything else you need


Thank you I wasn’t sure

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So is it very fast or is it slow

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Dont get me wrong, but why wouldnt IF work on a Iphone X?

It is very fast. :D

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Ok thank you

Well I wasn’t sure you know if it’s slow or if it worked well in the graphics

It will work very well and you get a much wider view because of the screen

The only thing to keep in mind, though, is that the controls take up a large portion of the screen. So, when using it compared to an iPad, you won’t get much of a view when the controls are on the screen. But as long as you’re fine with the screen size, you’ll enjoy it!

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Thank you umm also will it take a lot of space on my phone

it will take up the same amount that it does on any other device, the least amount of storage you can get on an X (if i’m not mistaken) is 32GB. IF takes up about 10GB on my iPad, so, depends on whether you’d consider that a lot (:

Ok I see what you mean

You also have to consider how many replays you’ll have. IF takes up 9 GB on my iPhone, but 19 GB on my iPad, because I keep all of my replays on my iPad.

but also keep in mind you can always delete replays

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Ok that makes sense 👍🏽👍🏽

Yep thanks for you’re help


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