Does infinite flight work in (specifically) morocco?

hi there! im going to morocco (africa) in a few days, and i wanted to purchase a subscription. But i was wondering, would my subscription work in morocco? I have used the simulator in morocco last year, but not with a subscription. so if anyone can answer my question, thank you.

I believe infinite flight is available everywhere in the world


with the subscription too?

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Yep (10 characters)


ok thank you! (this can be closed now)


I believe as long as you have a stable internet connection you should be able to play.

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alright thank you

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Hey :)

I went in Morocco many times.

And if you buy a sub. On Infinite Flight, this will apply only on your google account. So I mean if you log in in another device with your google account, you will be able to fly with the pro version.


Infinite flight subscription should work in many countries. I believe a few countries it may not work (if you visit or live in china for example) due to strict internet rules

thanks for the replys

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