Does Infinite Flight runs better of different devices?

I just got this game last week for IPad Air 2 and love it. But when I watch YouTube videos it looks way better than what I’m seeing. On the videos I’m seeing detailed animated cockpits but on mine it’s all blurred and real dull looking. In the videos when they are on the runway their plane looks clean and crisp and you can see muiltiple planes on the ground but on mine my planes are blurry and on some you can’t even read the words on the plane and the windows almost looks like a solid black line, and I can only see one or two planes max. Is there an updated that I didn’t receive or something?


Take a screeenshot and I can show you mine aswell so you can compare as I have the air 2

Have you tried to chenge the graphics in the settings?

Check your graphics by going to setting bar on if then go to graphics then tap the airplane and Terran and water separately unti they either say high or very high

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Go to settings -> Graphics and change everything to high.
iPad Air 2 is a great Device for Infinite Flight, everything should work smooth with high settings.
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Would iPad Pro 12.9 work well with if

Yes, for sure.

Okay just wondered as I’m getting it and didn’t know if to cancel

Yes it was the graphic setting !!! right in my face the whole time. My cousin told me to change the graphics and this whole time I didn’t know that or where the setting button was… wow. Sorry for wasting yalls time but nice to see so many feedbacks in such a short time. Thank you all .


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