Does Infinite Flight even Listen?


I would open this up as a complaint, but as complaints don’t get worked on let alone looked at (my complaint wasn’t replied to or aknowladged even after pinging multiple staff members), so I’ll just call it an argument.


Let me walk you through a quick scenario. An ice cream shop has seven flavors. Recently, a customer noticed the lack of a classic flavor, vanilla, which is nearly essential to every ice cream shop. After much persisting, the shop agrees to create a recipe for vanilla ice cream. While customers are waiting, the ice cream shop makes another big announcement, they just released a new flavor! It’s galled ‘garbage can.’ The customers, who all wanted vanilla, still took the flavor with glee, as flavors don’t get released often, but soon after, the flavor is forgotten. Fast forward five months, the ice cream shop makes another announcement! Now they are re-writing their recipe for peach, a flavor nobody gets or likes. This is what is happening with the A350. For a plane this popular and this requested, I would be running to get this plane out as best I can. I wouldn’t be running to make a general aviation plane that everyone will forget about two weeks after the update, then announce that were fully reworking a plane no one wants to use or has used. There is a small percentage of those who love GA, but if comon sense tells me anything, it’s to appease the masses before you appease the little guy.

Staff Members & Other Fun

If that was not enough, it seems that staff members are getting frustrated with feature requests.

Ever take a break from requesting things like the A350 or clouds and think…”
Guys, i think some of you are too new to know this. But too those of you saying the community had no voice in deciding the new content

Honestly? Who had a say in making the X-Cub DURING the production of the A350? Who had a say in the 172? No one. And that first one? Please look up what being “Passive Agressive” is, God. “Ever take a break from requesting something [that should come standard on every flight simulator]?”
Someone needs to get their head out of the (non-existent) clouds. Infinite flight maps? What?

Gear Tilt and Feature Denial

Gear tilt is something I would argue is even more important than clouds. It’s such an easy fix. God. Instead of working on the 172 and restricting play on casual servers, maybe, just maybe, add a super easy fix that everyone would appreciate. Honestly, infinite flight is getting an Apple mentality, “we don’t have to add features that are standard across every phone ever, because we’re apple, and screw off.” And for an eighty dollar game, I expect to have something as SIMPLE as gear tilt.

But 1Bitttt But 1Bittttt- developers need time to introduce things, stop being so ignorant 1Bittt

Sorry, if the developers can make the X-Cub in such a short amount of time, they can TILT the GEAR, in a day or two. God.

Some Final Words

Stop making and updating more GA planes when you have a huge update queued. Especially such an essential one. It makes zero sense. GA planes are rarely flown, and when they are it’s never regularly, it’s usually island hopping or getting landings in, or just some Grade 5 showing off how s/he can somehow land smoothly in a Daher. This is a PSA to you, infinite flight. Stop, and think. You will be turning into a privileged company that can’t get enough of themselvs that will not uphold a standard because of it, it took apple over 10 years to fix a God awful UI problem already fixed on every device out there. Don’t become apple.


I know how touchy-feely this community gets about opposing opinions, so please, please, read over your response and fully read my topic before replying. It’s probably answered within the topic. And maybe learn to start accepting others opinions instead of blindly defending developers or a popular opinion.

About to get banned


The C172 is an easy base model for live cockpit updates. It’s currently in it’s Beta phase. Be glad you’re getting anything at all.

The fact that you think gear tilt is easy to create has me rolling on the floor.


here’s a question.
Would you rather wait 6+ months for an a350/777 with no new aircraft or updates released at all or 1-2 months for a new GA aircraft or more liveries?


I would have the mindset of being glad if I had a free-to-play game, not an eighty dollar one. Developers have no excuse to not work on updates.

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Id rather get a plane I’d actually fly.

If it was that easy, they would have done it by now. So as you can see it’s not that simple.

The reason Infinite Flight are rework their GA aircraft is, because the want to work with flight schools and GA Pilots. I mean if you want to be a pilot on the A350 you have to start on small propeller aircraft first. You don’t apply at an airline and then start flying an airliner.


You have planes that you can fly. It’s called free planes

Belive it or not, it is easy, and believe it or not, developers might not work on such simple things. Sorry to burst your bubble, some people lack common sense

I think IF team work slowly don’t know why :(

They have said countless times that the production of new aircraft isnt getting in the way of other aircraft such as the a350.

How do you think the developers get paid? Everything free means the devs wouldn’t get paid for their YEARS of hard work on every aspect of this sim. It’s a damn shame to see how ungrateful you are for everything they do.

Show some respect.


Sorry, did you get infinite flight to slowly work your way up to a big aircraft? No. No you didn’t. No one does that. If I want to use the 788 a lot, I’ll start from there. This isn’t real life.

You can compare this game to other simulators ;)

It’s a shame how developers aren’t listening to paying customers and instead going on tangents to introduce more planes no one will use.

Some of the features you mentioned can’t be introduced in a day or two. If you’re that impatient, I have no words for you, but most of the community is well-mannered and sensible enough to wait for an update that the devs worked so hard on.

Additionally, like Altaria said, the C172 is a good testing ground for the live cockpit. Are the devs working any less harder on the A350 than they were in the beginning? No. Creating such a large aircraft from scratch is an extremely long process, and will naturally be time-consuming. What better than to rework a smaller aircraft during that time, so that they can test out the live cockpit for the A350 (while simultaneously pleasing thousands of users as well as VOs like the IFGAC)?

I keep seeing you talking about how IF doesn’t listen to its consumers, and I’m wondering where the heck that came from. The 777 is currently being reworked right now. And want to know why? They gave us a choice.

The staff literally released a poll, allowing us to vote for whatever aircraft we wanted to be reworked. The aircraft with the most votes won, hence the 777. I’ve got no idea where you’re getting your information, but you might want to check your facts as the devs giving us a choice is pretty much the opposite of “aren’t listening to paying customers”.


Probably as most people say IF is cost alot, that means they work for money more than others :(

How do you know people won’t use the planes? Some people prefer GA over commercial. You can’t assume something like that. If the devs don’t listen then why are we getting and A350. Oh wait it’s because the devs let the community choose that and guess what? They listened.

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You are absolutely clueless about why the devs do what they do. Read the development tracking thread. Then it’ll all make sense.

It is actually pathetic that there are these kind of people who are so impatient for their A350 that they have to attack the developers because of a C172 rework.


I mean if you wanna learn coding and all that good stuff, i am sure they’d love the help:)

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This is the nicest response so far, so I’ll actually take time to address it.

  1. Why use the C172 for live cockpit when it’s mostly analog and won’t be copied for other cockpits? Also, they have the A10, A320 series, the X-CUB and the A350- Oh wait.

  2. Gear tilt shouldn’t take longer than two weeks. You’re tilting a model as well as its ‘hitbox’ not that hard.

Good edit.

  1. 777? Okay, good for us, we had no choice on the 50’ getting stomped on.

As for the ‘thousands’ (lol) of people using GA aircraft, go to the most crowded server (casual) and tell me what you see, A380s, or C172s? You can’t even begin to compare a wide body and a GA usage wise. Nobody I know flies it regularly, it makes no sense.

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