Does infinite flight eats a lot of data

Let’s say i’m using data to fly for 13 hours, how many GB will infinite flight use?

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I don’t know exactly, but probably a fair amount especially if it’s online. I’ve never personally done that, but that’s imaginary topography, and other plane data for 13 hours worth of flying. Even small data hogs will eat a lot given more than half a day of continuous use. Not to mention that especially for online a strong steady preferably WiFi connection is strongly recommended.

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If you do not have unlimited, I would advise against it as this is an online environment that is pretty internet extensive.


As someone who has unlimited data I can say this. Youtube and other media sites on mobile will use a ton more data than Infinite flight ever did and I fly exclusively with data. I can provide some numbers in the morning but In a simple comparison Infinite flight will not guzzle data if you typically fly in low traffic areas and or don’t keep online for too long.


I did a quick up and quit in IF solo just now, and that was only about 3.5 mb used, so now across a whole flight I don’t know how that scales, because there may have been some data already downloaded, but it doesn’t seem to be that significant…

But I certainly don’t want to be the guy who tells you it’s ok and you wake up out of data for the month. So especially these days when we’re all stuck with our phones and not much more, I would advise against it because of all times to have no data this one seems especially poor…

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There’s no “right” answer to this. It depends a lot on where you fly, how much traffic there is requiring additional aircraft download and a few other things.

But if we take the aircraft download part out of the equation, it’s usually much, much less than most believe. But there’s no firm number to say as in “30mb/hour”. It simply depends on the circumstances.


Thanks to all of you who answered, I think I will just not use data when flying as I do have a limited amount of data. Will just stick to the wifi.


I agree Schyllberg and @KPIT said it best if you have a limit don’t try it as anything can happen but if you have unlimited see what works best for you but the rates do vary based on a lot of variables.


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