Does IFassistant affect your connection in a IF sever?

I downloaded IFassistant yesterday and bought all the assets after I figured out how it works. I tried doing a long hual from EGLL-KSEA in 787-9. I landed, but it only counted 30mins of the flight. That means I flew 7hours for nothing. Of course I considered my Wi-Fi was the problem but this was the first time this has happened to me. Please tell me if IFassistant is breaking my connection.

Also note that I am a Samsung user

Have been using IF Assistant for some time and have not had this issue before. If you post a screen shot of your Log Book then we can what hours your device has recorded.


Have also moved to “Third Party” as its not a FDS product.

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I’m with David on this one. The problem was possibly your internet. Could you restart your phone and router, and then hop on again and see if your connection is working? IFAssistant doesn’t take any information or affect any network connections, only uses the API to get data from the app.

I guess it did count my flight hours, thats so weird though because when i was on the screen where it gives you your XP, it said I only flew 30min and gave me XP for 30mins


Very odd! too see if the time has been added as a very rough way tocalulate your XP, is you need to know your total landings and total flight time in mins. Multiply the time in mins by 10 then for each landing add 100, this should give you a rough amount of your XP,if its drasticaly different then might be worth looking further


No it works perfectly fine for me (apple)

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