Does IF will work on the Fold phone?

Hello I have a question I may be getting this new phone called the fold will it work on IF

As the Samsung Galaxy Fold was just released, the device won’t be supported for Infinite Flight just yet. The Developers have to obtain the device so they can accurately test it. Don’t worry, Staff will address the issue and work on compatibility as fast as possible.


Thanks a lot

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Might be worth holding off, looks like the phone has issues based upon the review units sent to influential people.


On apple (yes I know we’re talking about Samsung) there is something called simulator, this allows you to pick any iPhone or iPad and optimise the screen size. I’m not sure if android has the same system though.


I personally would wait 5 years to get a foldable phone. I know its the new thing and its cool but it is new technology. The developers will have to test it out though.


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