Does IF track solo flight hours?

So I just started a short-haul solo flight and wondered to myself if solo flight hours are counted to my total flight hours? I know the logbook records all flight hours but, as for the total flight hours displayed in my account, does it include solo flights as well? Or just total live flight hours? Just wondering.

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I think it just tracks your flight hours on live, just like with all the other stats, landings, xp, etc

I see, if that’s the case I hope that changes because from what I’m seeing so far, the graphics seem to look better on solo and we’re still flying the plane.

Correct, but the live server has to be lower in many aspects, as there are many players and it’s not a localized server. But i don’t think solo flights will ever count towards your Online Stats.

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No. It does track replays of a solo session though.

All your flights you are able to replay no matter what server, or if you’re flying solo. Wasn’t his question. please stay on topic.

In a word “no”. Your flight time shown on your account is live flights only as this and your XP is what counts towards your live grade. Solo hours do not count.

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Wait, is the graphics quality really better on solo? Seems like an easy question, but I spend all my time on Live, so I wouldn’t know…

The answer is:

No. Solo flights are not reflected on your account.

And the graphics are exactly the same.


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