Does IF take .fpl flight plans?

Just curious because I’m using SimBrief for a later scheduled group flight and don’t want to miss anything.

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Nope, you should convert them using Skyvector (i don’t know another way to convert it faster) or you will loose a lot of waypoints as IF doesn’t recognize the airways

Here, I use this website. Just type your airports and whatever else you need, scroll down once you create your route and click on infinite flight. You’ll see your waypoints. Copy and paste into your IF flight plan

The problem is that every Airline uses different airways

Doesn’t SimBrief provide SID’s and STAR’s? I use it all the time an never had to use a .fpl file.

Yeah, it does, the problem comes with the airways. For example, I got this flight plan for a flight I did earlier (EBBR-EGLL):

L179 and L608 are airways, and since those aren’t implemented into Infinite Flight, the game either ignores them or it adds to your flight plan some random airport in Louisiana that just so happens to have the same icao code.

I personally tend to use, but it doesn’t add STARs and SIDS, and tends to replace waypoints with its own coordinates. It works, though.

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