Does IF run when the device is off and the app is on?

Does IF work when the device is off and the app is on?

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Nope it doesn’t

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I’m pretty sure the flight pauses when the screen is shut off.

No it does not, the device will most likely close out Infinite Flight.


Then how should i do long-haul flights?

leave your device on, lower settings, lower brightness and volume, have it plugged in. That’s what everyone here who does long hauls does:)

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The device needs to be on and you have to be on the app.

I’ll plug my iPad in, set a flight plan up to last through the night and part of the morning. Just to allow ample time to get back to it. Lower brightness, turn sounds off, and leave it plugged in. Set your display to never time out (whole it shouldn’t so long as the app is running). Come back in the morning and press on! Happy Flying

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