Does IF run well on a pixelbook?

I’ve had my Pixelbook for a while now and I never considered it for Infinite Flight until now. Would it work well? I’m assuming it should work fine. I have an i7 processor 16gb of Ram and 512gb SSD.

I don’t believe you can run IF on a computer. I’m not 100% sure so maybe someone can confirm this.

you can run Android apps on Chrome OS

Are you referring to the Google Pixelbook?

If so, it is classified as a chromebook and it should work like any other Android Device.

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yeah that’s what i’m guessing as well. I’m just kind of wondering if anyone has any experience with it because I don’t want to waste a bunch of money then it doesn’t work well.

According to the Device Compadibility Thread the Google Pixel XL should be able to run IF with high performance.

Thats not the device i’m talking about. The Google PixelBOOK. It’s a laptop

Ah, my bad. In that case, it hasn’t been added to the compatibility list. However, it is a wiki so it may be that no one has tested it yet. If you think it would work, try it out and see.
Hope this helps :)

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(I’m not an Android nerd so correct me if I’m wrong) If it’s a laptop, then it shouldn’t run IF period because there is no PC version, unless it’s a laptop that can be converted into a tablet by removing it from the keyboard 🤔

it’s not a PC. And yes it is a 2 in 1. So I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work. Maybe I will try it later. Pixelbooks can run any Android app. I’m wondering more about the specs if anyone has experience with that.

2 in 1 as in it folds over you can’t actually remove the keyboard.

Chrome Book and Pixel Book devices are not supported with Infinite Flight.

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The pixel book can run Android apps, and therefore is able to run IF, however it’s not very stable.
The pixel book uses Intel processors, and IF is not designed to run on PC processors

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why wouldn’t it be though? Since it can run android apps and has a powerful spec list. Formatting issues?

It’s the same as a raspberry PI running IF or an emulator. Just because it is Android doesn’t mean it can run it. If it does it may be buggy but we can’t support your issues.

It comes down to the graphics processors like @Kirito_77 said.


alright thanks. Maybe I will do a test for science later.

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Android is cool with refunds if you need too. Worst case you just file that.


It should actually work because Chromebooks run the Google Play Store. But in cases it could say “Device not compatible with this version”

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