Does IF on Samsung Galaxy Fold work properly?

So in March 12, 2019 I asked wether or not Infinite Flight will function properly on Samsungs new Galaxy Fold. The link to that is here. Now @EdgyEugene responded saying that samsung has this “App Continuity” which basically means that you can flip the phone open to tablet size and close it to the phone size without the app closing or crashing and other things that may cause instability to the app.

So now 4 months later I wonder if someone in the IF Community has a Samsung Galaxy Fold with Infinite Flight installed and updated to its latest version and/or if some staff member has tested this and can confirm that the app works fine. Hence this post. This again is just out of curiosity nothing serious. If someone has any info on this please share.

I’m not sure anyone has really wrapped their mind around spending $2000 USD for a phone/phablet. With that said, I doubt anyone has tried IF on it yet. But you might be surprised. Who knows?


I thought the fold was still delayed.

iPads aren’t cheap.

But you can get amazing ones that will last 2-3 years for 600-1000 USD, I pads are much better then any phone for IF if you put everything together. But like @DeerCrusher said, maybe it runs well and you could be surprised:) but save your money IMO

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While true, the most expensive iPad (the “Cadillac” iPad Pro 12.9" with 1TB and Cellular) is about $300 cheaper. 😐Even still, I wouldn’t buy the most expensive device. You can get the same great, if not better quality for a lesser value.


The new ipad mini and air are pretty good devices. But tru they don’t come cheap. At the same time
I’d rather invest in an ipad since it is supported with updates for a longer period. Samsung and other companies, it is by luck you get 2/3 years if support.

FYI I currently use the ipad pro 10.5 (512gb) for work (mobile computer) and so far it has been great. IF runs well at Ludicrous settings (reduce brightness my half when flying during day to avoid a screen burn, one section of the LCD burned because of the constant sun in that spot in IF)

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Yeah all of you guys are right that $2,000 for a Folding Tablet essentially Is absurd, but I’m sure there are some people in this world who want it. I’m pretty sure Samsung knew that there is a demand for things like that or they just were trying to revolutionize the cell phone industry.
But I’m just tryna figure out how the game functions on there lol. Maybe I’m looking way to deep into this.

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well tbh probably not great, no IF staff have the phone. At the same time Samsung is delaying the launch due to the flex display broken. So if anyone has it, it is by luck it hasn’t broken yet.

It got delayed and isn’t even out yet. Demo units were sent out a few months back but obviously there were major issues so they got recalled as normal and the release dat was delayed.

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Imagine apple making a folding ipad LOL

Galaxy fold has been delayed due to my issues of the fold! After all it’s new technology and will see where it goes!

Tbh I would love to purchase one if I could but due to me being an Apple 🍎 fan… I must waist my money with them 😂

When the fold is finally released… it will be a long time till I see anything infinite flight related for it!

And as said above… can buy much better products for infinite flight for a much cheaper price. Says cheap but not really 😂

According to Apple leaks… Apple is also in the foldable market with something in the works apparently🤷‍♂️

Not into this folding crap at all. I will buy a phone and an pad and use separately as such. It’s cheaper and makes more sense. The fold is just dumb and pointless especially given how useless it is folded, Huawei did better with the fold phone.

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Alright calm down…

Oh I actually didnt know that it got delayed.

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