Does IF lag more if I have less storage available?

I seem to find my device very laggy when I set my textures to medium. My device is also reaching is maximum storage limit.

I also have IF installed on another device and it doesn’t lag when at medium textures. I checked and there was plenty of storage available.

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Before it was about to reach its limit, was it locked?

If you have less storage available l, it will likely lag, as it has for me in the past. It also caused “global server” to fail. To solve it, I

  • Cleared as much storage as possible from my device

  • Reinstalled IF

  • Not download too many aircraft

. It worked fine for me and now I can even use high textures

What do u mean by that? I can’t un-download the aircraft that I alr had downloaded.

I mean that after you reinstall IF, don’t instantly download all of the aircraft. Maybe start off with one of two and see if the lag goes away. Each downloaded aircraft takes more and more storage.

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I don’t know for sure but I had only 100mb left for a year or so with no issues

U probably set textures to low and have “no issue” with it.

Nope I had everything on max settings. It was just when global came out that I got more storage. Before that though there weren’t any issues either

Due to IF being such an advanced game you wil need more storage to let the game run smoothly. Try clearing storage but if it’s not possible turn your settings down to help it lag less.

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