Does IF have an ILS/autoland?

I’m fairly new to Infinite Flight, and having trouble landing correctly. Does IF have any autoland procedures, or what are some tips for landing correctly? (I usually don’t have the correct landing angle).


Infinite flight does have aircraft equipped with Autoland, including the 737, 777, 787, A320, MD-11, DC-10, and probably a few that I’m forgetting.

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It doesn’t get any simpler than this:

Watch the youtube tutorial linked in the thread and you’ll easily be able to master the APPR feature. Unless you fall asleep and miss a couple steps.


RNAV and visuals are also available, but RNAV approaches require a 3rd party app named Infinite flight assistant:)

For landing angle it depends on the winds. When you either have mild headwind or tailwind just try to keep your aircraft at the same angle as the runway itself. For crosswind, you can watch a tutorial here:


Check the #tutorials category for all types of landing tutorials. Welcome to the community!

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@mrjoe27 … MaxSez: Come on Joe AutoLand is not a learning aid, it was developed for safety sake as a tool to facilitate recovery’s in Heavy Weather when flying in instrument conditions (IMC).
Stop looking for the ez route. Learning to fly here or RW takes “WORK”; Study, Practice and more practice. IF is a simulator not a game. Strap on a non-airliner get on the Fledgling Server an practice,
watch UTube video’s on basic flying techniques, read the Tutorials and just fly till your Confident and Comfortable. ManUp!
G’day, MaxSends



But anyways yes most planes have APPR. Be careful though if you are not almost aligned with the ILS it will pitch up or down a lot more than it needs to. If you want more information head on over to #tutorials. Also for landing at about 30-20 feet above ground level put the thurst to 0 and flare (pitch up to about 5-10 degrees of nose pitch). Hope this helps!

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Auto land can be great when set up correctly.

In my experience, key points to remember.

If able land in a tail wind as the head wing stops the nice flare.

Reduce speed prior to touch down in small bits as a time on the approach.

Trust the plane, you may worry that it will crash the plane and interfere. Dont. That’s what meses you up.

Also watch and read the wonderful APPR tutorial by @Tyler_Shelton. This will teach you how to set it up correctly.

Enjoy your time at the IFC!

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Thanks all of you!

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@DimitriB How do you do an RNAV approach on IF assistant?

Basically just plug in waypoints and altitudes from you SID chart into IFA (make sure autopilot is engaged) and then disengage at minimums. Some RNAV approaches allow you to re-intercept localizer after autopilot disengagement (RNAV ILS DME) whereas others just require a visual short final. Your minimum can be found on the chart (usually the LNAV one with the correct aircraft category.)
Keep in mind the fact that they are difficult on IF as it is crucial that all the waypoints are in-game. The VNAV minimum is when you have a waypoint on the runway, so you can’t really use that often
in IF @Brenden_Hirsch

LPV is impossible in IF so ignore that

The Auto Land in IF is bad the Descent rate and landing are gonna be worse than Ryan Air that’s why like many people here say “you should practice”

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I highly disagree. Its only “bad” when you don’t know how to correctly use it. I’ve used the APPR feature countless times with virtually no problems. If you , as an example, approach an airport 5nm and at 4000 feet and wack on the APPR then yes its going to struggle. But if you approach at the correct alt and speed as well as keeping in mind the wind speeds, then the autoland will work smoothly.

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By the way, this is the full list of APPR aircraft

  • Airbus A320 Family
  • Airbus A330
  • Airbus A350-900 (When Released)
  • Boeing 737 Family
  • Boeing 777 Family
  • Boeing 787 Family
  • Bombardier CRJ Family
  • DC-10 (DC-10F)
  • MD-11 (MD-11F)
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Hmm? That’s totally unrelated to what I was saying. Second of all, APPR is in no way a bad feature, actually a very useful one. If you know how to use it properly you will find that it is very affective in low visibility situations.

As said by @Hamza.N

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