Does IF depend on RAM or CPU?

So yesterday I put a post for best phones that can run IF. I have decided I am going to but the Samsung galaxy s9. Now does IF run on your RAM or does it depend on your CPU? Cause the s9 has the Qualcomm snapdragon 845 or the exynos 9810. Is this good? If anyone out there uses the S9 please let me know how good IF is.

I don’t have the S9, but it has a relatively new processer and should (don’t quote me) be able to handle it well with minimal to no lag at full graphics.

Infinite Flight recommends at least 2GB of RAM. You can also check out the following link for more performance details.

Remember though, there’s no straight answer. It will vary depending how much the device battery is degraded, how fast it heats up, etc.


There’s no straight answer. The app depends on a number of things, and the combination of those things… and then the OS it runs on and how well that’s optimized.


I used a S9 for the update for a few flights just to test it. Done a ULR Flight about 22hrs and no issues was warm but if you have it set in “game mode” where after a few minutes of incactivity the screen turns off its cool as a cucumber during cruise. Also Exynos is good but if your able to try to get Snapdragon has better performance. I was using Exynos 9810 oc to 3.1Ghz and Android 10 No apps in the back ground

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I have the S9+ and it runs IF perfectly, it can run at Max Settings for at least 20-30 minutes before getting hot and I hve only experienced 1 crash on it (over 650 hours on it). For long hauls its also great, managed to do a 22 hour flight on it once.

I have 4gbram and runs with lag on everything on low

As of a recent post on the development timeline, the developers have said devices with 1GB of RAM likely won’t work anymore. They’re now recommending an absolute minimum of 2GB.

We’re squeezing everything we can out of the app to make it work though. But we’re out of things to squeeze soon… :(

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@schyllberg will project metal help out with performance and device requirements?

It will not enable us to support lower specs, no. It will improve a lot of other things though.


okay thanks, hope it’s progressing well!

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