Does I.F damage battery?

Does I.F damage battery?

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Depends on your device and it won’t if you have low power mod enabled and also if you have limit frame rate on.

Nothing can actually damage your battery. The only way you can actually damage your battery is if you are running the app while charging your device, if you keep doing that in the long run your battery will run out faster. I know this as it has happened to me


iPhone XR.

I don’t see why IF would damage your battery, IF is like any other app running on your device. It will be fine don’t worry! Enjoy IF :)

Like for long hauls its won’t?

Just lower your brightness, lower power mode as other’s have suggested etc.

Infinite Flight should not damage your battery on your device. Although I would look out for charging your device while using the app, and avoid having high brightness settings. This could really use up your battery in the future!

Once, you keep a low enough brightness and fly with a fully charged device, nothing should happen. (to my experience)🙂


Use the app a lot, it’ll be like general were, like watching youtube and playing games, over time the battery health deteriorates but nothing to the point where it becomes an issue, put about 1500 hours on my ipad, battery is still fine, takes forever to drain when watching youtube and using it so

Keep your battery under 80% the more often. Never charge it when it is hot. Try not to be close to 0%.

In short, yes, excessive use of any app can lead to battery damage however it is more complicated then just running the app. The main reason that IF could be a more damaging app then others is because generally you don’t leave your screen on for 10+hrs straight.

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This is wrong in two ways.

Battery damage can and has happened when they overheat, receive too much unregulated charge (in rare cases), or stay at low/empty or high/full capacity for extended periods of time. In the example you give, you describe the device being used for IF while charging. This practice is safe as your battery is continuously draining and continuously charging, regulating its charge rate with demand.

This is very device specific and usually takes months, if not years to develop, and is normal. Until we get a newer, more efficient battery technology, Li-ion batteries will experience performance and capacity degradation like they always have.

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IF does not damage the battery on your IPhone XR.
But What It Can Do Is Listed Down below.

  • Take Away More Battery
  • Take Up More Storage
  • Each Flight You Do Will Determine The REPLAY size file ;)

So No. IF Can not damage your battery.

I’m gonna be honest, if you have13.5, batter drainage is the most thing you’ll notice than the old 12.2. I recommend to put it on a charger, while flying it.

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