Does FR24 Track Military Planes?

Hey guys, I was driving down the interstate and I saw a large cargo plane flying (it was either a Globemaster or C130 I wasn’t close enough to see). I tried to find it on FR24 (and plane but it was nowhere to be seen. Does FR24 not track military planes?

Sort of a security risk an enemy could use FR24 to see if someone was coming or not don’t you think?


Haha yes but it was flying over native airspace and it was a cargo plane.

u can sometimes find a A330MRTT search RRR or TARTAN sometimes

You find many military aircraft on Ads B exchange. Google it

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I saw a military aircraft on it the other day down in St. Louis

I’ve seen the isolated one. We get KC-135s and C17s doing touch and goes a lot here, and I’ve seen a C17 pop up once or twice. I saw one come in as a Boeing flight from Charleston, that one was getting transferred here so I don’t know how that changes it. I’ve also seen some other C17s flying around other parts of the world on the odd occasion. I’m not sure what differentiates when they do and do not show up since I’d assume more or less the same procedures are used any time they go out to do touch and goes, but who knows. Generally no, don’t expect them to show up, here that’s usually my marker whenever it’s dark or low clouds and I hear something come over but didn’t catch what it was, if it didn’t show up it was going to the east end of the airfield where the military is, if it did show up it was going to the west with the airliners, and of course then I can see what it was to. For most missions it would be a security risk, even for non combat missions there’s good reason to make it inconspicuous where the military is sending planes…

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I once saw a fighter jet pop up…

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It really depends. It’s not uncommon to see RAF A330s flying around the Falklands at the same time, the RAF C17s are unable to be tracked using flightradar24. For attack aircraft eg fighters, do t expect to see one on FR24 soon.

Occasionally they are hidden from view, as the government can ask Flightradar24 to remove aircraft from their database/publicly visible map for a variety of different reasons. Most of the time though I do see military aircraft on FR24, it’s just that the icons, as well as all of the information that goes alongside it, shows up as ‘BLOCKED’.

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Fake avgeek comment., what if it was a C-5 Galaxy?

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In order to see RAF traffic I use Planefinder, it’s awful compared to Flightradar24 but that’s the only way. For all RAF traffic ie helicopters I use this:


A flight schedule is considered classified or confidential information. It’s FOUO and not to be released to the public. So it is highly unlikely you would find many if any military on their, at least from the US.

Then again, this is USMC and Navy… not sure about Air Force.


I feel stupid now.

Some Military aircraft can be seen in FR24, I have seen Hawk T1s, A330 MRTT, C-130s etc

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