Does FNF ever change dates?

@GlobalFlyer1 yours should start 3 hours behind me since I’m EST mine like I said starts at 2:00 is when they switch to the next day of controlling


Dumb just really really dumb and I can’t do common day math 11:00 + 3:00 = 2:00


So for me it ends at 10? Then in that case I can maybe get a flight in if my sports don’t take too long

No, it ends at 11 p.m. Pacific. Begins at 11 p.m. Pacific on Thursday, ends on Friday night.


the emphasis on the friday. the reason why it is on a thursday for you is cause it is friday morning zulu time

Given that its a 24 hour event I would think you would have at least a little time to enjoy it…


What is your suggestion, that we arrange it to meet the needs of one geographical region until we change it again to meet the needs of the geographical regions for whom that change messed it up, then again to fix that change…

It is 24 full hours on Friday for the majority of the world. There’s no possible scenario where every time zone is satisfied perfectly.

It was just a simple misunderstanding as he assumed it began at 6 Pacific ;)

I don’t think he needs any more clarification or anything seeing as he knows the correct times now