Does Flight Pause if App is Closed/In Background?

Is there a way to postpone a flight in MultiPlayer?? I mean by closing my iPhone without closing InfiniteFlight for some time and then coming back?? Cuz I’m Supposed to land in 30 minutes, I’ll be busy LOOL ;) Does it work anybody?? Thanks!!

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By closing your phone the flight will still continue but the app may close and when you come back the flight may no longer be there. It is not recommended that you close your phone while flying

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True ;) I did try it, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t :/ let’s wait and see what other users say ;)

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By closing your flight, you are disconnected from the live server. So when you do decide to come back, it either goes back to your flight and there is a delay to connect (if you exit for a few seconds), you are back in your flight and won’t be able to connect to the live server, or the app will have restarted.

Yep true, :-) should I try It ??

No, you shouldn’t. You can appear to ATC as “unknown” and risk being ghosted.

Never Mind I landed In Singapore =-) Have a wonderful day =) Thank You =)

Glad you were able to land,

I just want to chime in real quick because I often fly long flights while I’m at work (great way to keep me from getting distracted by other things on my phone). That being said, I’ll often run into a situation where I need to make a work related call or use my phone for some other reason. When this happens and I am in flight this is my process:

  1. Because it sucks to start a flight then not get the landing - I usually look to see if there is an airport that can support my aircraft that I can divert to real quick, that way I get credit for a landing for that flight.

  2. If this is not an option, then I end the flight, because while it is a bummer to not get a landing, it is an even bigger bummer to get ghosted or get a bunch of violations and then be relegated to TS for a week.

I actually ran into this situation this morning and decided it was best to just end the flight! Hope this helps for the future.

Happy Flying!

Well explaint =) every word you said is true =) Have a wonderful day and Happy Landings :)

If you press your home button and close the app (running in background); you are actually disconnected from the live server for that time, so I don’t think there is any risk of ghosting or violations or crashing! Your flight is not running for that time.

When you bring up IF again, your flight will either reappear from the exact position you pressed home button at; and connect to the live server and continue normally
the app will reset and you will lose your flight.
I don’t believe it keeps going on in the background.

On the other hand, if you just pause it and it is still in the foreground; then yes, it keeps running behind the scenes because it is still connected to the server - and one would risk ghosting if descending and not following ATC instructions

Of course, there are issues with your flight suddenly appearing at some point - someone else may be at that spot and you may reappear inside the other plane! Not a good scenario. It’s always good practice to end your flight if you are in the critical phases and cant attend to your flight. Don’t just shut it for a bit.

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Yep true I don’t think it will continue flying if I’m not in the app :) Thanks =)

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